The Br Mark May Bursary Fund

“You don’t love a boy for what he’s done, or for what he is. You love a boy for what he can become.”

Br Mark May 2007

The Br Mark May Bursary Fund provides support to families who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Br Mark May bursaries are provided to families who are unable to provide their sons with the Marist education which has been the good fortune of so many.

The Fund is built through the generosity of former students, their families and other members of the Marist community. The bursary is one way that we can “love one another as I have loved you”.

It provides bursaries typically equal to 50% of annual school fees. 

Bursaries are not awarded on academic or other ability. They are provided to boys and their families who share Marist values and who can contribute to school life in other ways.

Donations to the Br Mark May Bursary Fund have allowed the Foundation to provide bursaries to more than 10 boys at the College since 2010.

Excerpt from one parent whose son is a recipient of a Br Mark May Bursary: "This will make a huge difference for us. I am very happy with Marist and the way my son has been accepted into the community of teachers and boys at the College. This acceptance has made a huge improvement in his behaviour, attitude and demeanour... We have been mae very welcome at Marist and I appreciate this very much. This has not been our experience at other schools."

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