Throughout its history, Marist College Canberra has provided a balanced all-round education for the many boys who have passed through its doors.  Our students participate in programs across educational, cultural, community and sporting areas with the number of courses, co-curricular and extended College activities on offer expanding all the time.

To guide the College in the development of facilities to cater for its ongoing needs, a Master Plan was produced in 2002.  The first major project completed as part of this plan was the three-level Resource Centre which was officially opened in October 2004.

The next priority of the Master Plan was to improve and develop the sporting facilities at the College, while also addressing the need for a venue which allows for our 1600 boys from the Junior and Senior Schools as well as 170 staff to gather at one place, at the one time. Marcellin Hall, opened in July 2012, meets those needs.

A new Master Plan is currently being developed.