Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the Marist College Canberra website.

I hope that by browsing these web pages, you are able to get a sense of the rich and vibrant learning environment offered here at Marist College Canberra.

There are few responsibilities as central to society as the preparation of young people for a life in today’s world. Two hundred years ago, the founder of the Marist Brothers set that as the core work of the Order he founded – in his words, “to produce good Christians and good citizens.”

That is still the goal we set ourselves at Marist College Canberra, a Catholic school for boys from Years 4 to 12. But we are conscious that we are working in a world of greater complexity than the early Brothers faced. Certainly, the political and social upheavals in France at that time were more dramatic than we face in this country today; but our young people have to navigate a confusion of opportunities, they have to cope with a perplexity of opinions on social and ethical questions, they have to handle freedoms and choices that were not available to previous generations. It is little wonder that the transition from childhood to boyhood to manhood is not always a smooth one.

After a recent graduation, I was approached by a father of one of the boys. He had a long association with the school – this was his third graduation – and he wanted to tell me what the day meant to him and his family. “This school has supported us in helping our boys to grow into men,” he said.

It is a phrase that has stuck in my mind, made all the more meaningful for me because I too am a parent and I become more conscious by the day of the enormous responsibility in that little word. To be able to say that a school has helped parents in their sacred duty of rearing good Christians and good citizens is high praise indeed.

I invite you to browse our website and Prospectus to get a feel for the diversity of academic, spiritual, cultural and personal development opportunities that our school provides.

Richard Sidorko